Frequent Questions

1. How are container terminal concessions granted in Brazil? How many concessions does Wilson Sons have?
2. What is the current term of the Wilson Sons container terminal concessions?
3. What are the main characteristics of Wilson Sons container terminals?
4. What do deep-sea, cabotage, inland navigation, transshipment and shifting mean?
5. What is the distance between the main ports of Santa Catarina and Paraná to our Rio Grande terminal?
6. What is the distance between the Salvador Container Terminal and the main ports in the north-east of Brazil?
7. How often are container terminal prices negotiated? Is there any standard pricing?
8. What are the services provided by the Offhore Support Base division?
9. What are the main types of industry serviced by Logistics?
10. What is a bonded logistics centre? Does Wilson Sons operate any?
11. What are OSVs (Offshore Support Vessels)?
12. What are tugboats?
13. What types of vessels can be built at Wilson Sons shipyards?
14. What are towage special operations?
15. What is the Merchant Marine Fund (FMM)? Where do its resources come from?
16. Who is Ultratug that have a 50% share in the Wilson Sons Ultratug Offshore vessel joint venture?
17. Is Wilson, Sons Shipyard part of the Wilson Sons Ultratug Offshore joint venture?
18. Where are Wilson Sons’ shares listed?
19. What is the procedure for buying and selling Wilson Sons’ shares?
20. Who is the depositary institution of Wilson Sons’ shares?
21. Which indexes are Wilson Sons’ shares?
22. What does ex date mean?
23. What is the custodian of Wilson Sons' shares?
24. What is Wilson Sons’ standard lot?