Governance Practices

  • 7 Board members
  • 2 independent board members
  • 100% tag-along right for all minority shareholders
  • Single-class shares with equal voting rights
  • Financial results disclosed quarterly according to IFRS standard
  • Separate chairman of the board and CEO roles
  • At least 4 board of directors meetings held annually
  • Board of directors approval of all projects higher than US$5.0 million
  • Publication of minutes of board of directors meetings
  • Statutory audit committee
  • Corporate governance policies approved by the board of directors
  • Professional business conduct standards
  • Code of ethical conduct
  • Disclosure and trading policies


1) Company Corporate Structure and the controlling shareholder

Wilson Sons is controlled by OW Overseas (Investments) Limited, subsidiary of Ocean Wilsons Holding Limited (Ticker: OCN LN), a publicly listed company with its shares being traded at the London Stock Exchange for more than 100 years.

2) Members of the company’s Audit Committee

  • Cláudio Frischtak
  • José Francisco Gouvêa Vieira
  • Mauro Moreira (Coordinator)

3) Members of the company’s Remuneration Committee

  • Augusto Cezar Tavares Baião
  • Cláudio Frischtak (Coordinator)
  • José Francisco Gouvêa Vieira
  • Mauro Moreira

4) Members of the company’s Ethics Committee

  • Aléa Fiszpan Steinle
  • Fernando Deveza (Coordinator)
  • Roberta Lourenço do Carvalhal Couto