Strategy and Competitive Advantages


The Wilson Sons’ Strategy is to:

  • Continue to consolidate our position in all the segments in which we operate, maximising economies and efficiency, quality and the range of our services we provide to customers.
  • Fulfilling capacity in our expanded port terminals. In order to meet demand from domestic and international trade, we have expanded our two container terminals since the inception of the concessions. By maximising utilisation of this installed capacity, we are best able to continue increases in productivity and service to our clients with economies of scale. We will diligently pursue this objective. We will evaluate new concessions and the development of new terminals in other Brazilian ports and analyse these potential investments in light of our existing operations, and their ability to provide a strong return on shareholders’ equity.
  • Maximising capacity utilization of our Upstream Oil and Gas Support Terminals (Brasco). Additional to our operations at Brasco Niteroi, we also have a continuous 500 metres of berth at our Brasco Caju base to attend offshore support vessels with excellent access to the Campos and Santos oil producing basins. This expanded capacity positions Brasco as one of the largest offshore support base operators for the Brazilian Oil and Gas industry. We are continuously monitoring offshore operations along the Brazilian coast to meet the demand for such services.
  • Strengthening our position as the leading provider of towage services in the Brazilian market. We intend to continue to modernise and expand our fleet of tugboats in order to provide consistently high-quality service to our customers and consolidate our leading position in the Brazilian towage market. We regularly review our fleet deployment to optimise efficiency, and to seek out new niches in the market where we may be able to provide additional services or increase our geographical footprint of towage services to new ports in Brazil.
  • Maximising potential of our shipyard facilities through a mix of in-house and third-party vessel construction, repair, maintenance and dry docking services to meet the demand of national and international vessel owners in Brazil.
  • Solidifying our Offshore Support Vessel services to oil and natural gas platforms. Using our knowledge and experience, we intend to continue to consolidate our activities through the delivery of contracted vessels and maintain our position amongst the leading suppliers of services to the offshore oil and gas industry in Brazil.
  • Exploring new opportunities and strategies to provide the best and most complete set of services to our customers. We are always looking to provide new and innovative services to our customers, and to anticipate their needs. We intend to continue our strategy with shipping companies in order to provide a complete set of local and international trade-related services across a nationwide network. We also seek to make these services more efficient and cost-effective, in order to maintain our strong customer base and strengthen our relationships with those customers.
  • Increasing economies of scale and productivity, realisation of potential synergies and cost savings across our business segments. We continuously seek to optimise our operations and productivity and reduce our costs through synergies and the exchange of know-how among our businesses and administrative areas. We are and will continue to focus on integrating similar activities in order to realise savings in administrative and back-office areas, especially in our branch offices. We seek to achieve economies of scale and reduce costs wherever possible. We demand that the managers of our different divisions continually develop new strategies that may improve our operations and explore new businesses.
  • Health, Safety and the Environment are a priority for the execution of our overall strategy of sustainable ethical business. We continue programmes to promote best practice safety throughout the Group through the training of our personnel and the promotion of a safety oriented environment and culture.

Competitive Advantages

Wilson Sons has consolidated differentials which distinguish its services amongst other market players and strengthens the Company’s business. These differentials therefore help add value to the Company.

Brand Strength.

The solid image Wilson Sons enjoys in the market contributes to a close and long-term relationship with clients and other business partners. We are recognised and trusted for the know-how acquired throughout our 179 years of delivering high quality service to the most demanding clients.

Human and intellectual capital.

Our employees are committed to the quality of services delivered and are aligned with the values and principles that guide Wilson Sons’ vision. The personal and professional potential of each employee is maximised through holistic people management, which includes training and actions for continuous exchange of experiences, with purpose of maintaining intellectual capital in constant evolution.

Synergy of the businesses.

The complementary interaction between the business units is one of the keys to its sustainable growth. Evidence of this is that 70% of the Company´s top ten clients receive services from three or more business units of the Company.

Portfolio of services.

The Company’s complete range of services strengthens its image as one of the largest operators in port terminals, logistics and maritime services in Brazil. The portfolio includes specialised solutions in the areas of port terminal, towage, logistics, shipping agency, offshore support vessels for the oil and gas industry, and shipbuilding.

Strategic location of assets.

The Company is present in Brazil’s main port terminals and the location of its shipyards in Guarujá (SP) and oil and gas support base in Niterói (RJ), are strategically positioned to support vessels for the fast growing oil and gas market. Wilson Sons also distinguishes itself with its shipping agency coverage, offered across the most important ports in Brazil, with exclusive representatives in Europe and the United States, and its own office in Shanghai, China. The Company’s container terminals are located in states of great economic importance – Rio Grande do Sul and Bahia.

Pioneering Spirit.

The Company was the first of its sector in Brazil to use azimuth propulsion on its tugboats, the first to operate in a publically auctioned private container terminal in country, as well as the first company to receive certification of quality in the shipbuilding sector. The Company has long innovated with local producers to increase local content in the vessels it produces and in recognition won the award for the best Shipyard for local content by Syndarma in 2013.

Committed to the environment.

This commitment is expressed in the Company’s principles, resulting in practical actions that are part of day-to-day operations