Companies Act

Bermuda Companies Act of 1981 as subsequently amended.

In this kind of agreement the charterer receives the vessel maintained and manned to operate for a pre-determined period. In case of stoppages due to technical reasons, any time loss is deducted from the lease expenses.

Contractual obligation between a purchaser and a seller of product or services that requires the purchaser to pay a minimum amount for product or services, even if these have not been used or delivered.

Extension of rights enjoyed by controlling shareholders if they decide to sell their stake. In this case, the minority shareholders have the right to join the transaction and sell their minority stake in the company and sell their shares at the same price.

Rubber-Tired Gantry cranes with tires and that use reinforced paths or roads.

Quay gantry cranes whose is used for loading and unloading containers into/from ships.

“Platform supply vessels”, vessels that provide maritime support services for oil and gas exploration and production platforms.

Program for Prevention of Environmental Risks.

Rule 144A do Securities Act.

Regulation S do Securities Act.