Corporate Profile

Consolidated as one of the largest port, maritime and logistics operators in Brazil, Wilson Sons offers specialised solutions in the areas of port terminals, harbour towage, offshore support vessels, logistics, shipyards and shipping agency. The Company maintains long-lasting relationships with over two thousand active clients, including shipping companies, importers and exporters, oil and gas companies as well as other participants in more diverse sectors of the economy.

Wilson Sons‘ businesses include two main segments: Port & Logistics Services and Maritime Services. Through these businesses the Company focuses on two growth drivers: foreign and domestic trade flow and the oil & gas industry.

Port and Logistics Services

This segment includes Wilson Sons Terminals and Wilson Sons Logistics. Wilson Sons Terminals comprises two of Brazil’s main container terminals, Tecon Rio Grande and Tecon Salvador, in addition to Brasco, the Company’s oil and gas support base. Wilson Sons Logistics owns a logistics centre in Santo André (SP) and another in Suape (PE), with bonded and general warehousing operations.

Wilson Sons Terminals

Tecon Rio Grande

Since 1997, Wilson Sons has operated Tecon Rio Grande, the first container terminal to be privatised through a public bid in the country. The terminal is located in Rio Grande 320 km from the city of Porto Alegre, the capital of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (RS). Its infrastructure serves the largest ships currently calling the East Coast of South America with a total area of 735,000 m², 900 m of linear quay, 12.8 m (42 ft) in draft as well as a total handling capacity of 1.4 million TEU per annum.

All equipment is state-of-the-art, including nine STS (Ship-to-shore) quay cranes, 22 RTG (Rubber-Tyred Gantry) yard cranes and 2,352 plugs for refrigerated containers. The terminal offers excellent transport access through road, waterway and railway connections.

In September 2016 the Company commenced operating the Santa Clara inland navigation terminal (Contesc) located at the Triunfo Petrochemical Complex (RS). From January 2018, Contesc increased services to provide four weekly calls connecting the Northern Region of the State directly to the Port of Rio Grande.

To access the Tecon Rio Grande’s website, click here.

Tecon Salvador

Operated by Wilson Sons since 2000, the terminal is located at the Port of Salvador in the State of Bahia (BA), 50 km from the Camaçari industrial complex. Its infrastructure serves the largest ships currently calling the East Coast of South America with a total area of 118,000 m², a principal quay of 377 m and 15 m (49 ft) draft, a secondary quay of 240 m and 12 m (39 ft) draft providing a total handling capacity of 435,000 TEU per annum.

Tecon Salvador has six STS (Ship-to-shore) quay cranes, 11 RTG (Rubber-Tyred Gantry) yard cranes, nine being fully electric, and 684 plugs for refrigerated containers. The terminal offers excellent transport access through road and waterway connections.

In November 2016, Tecon Salvador signed an early concession renewal for a further 25 years up to March 2050, establishing new investment commitments to expand the terminal. After completing the expansion project, scheduled for 2034, Tecon Salvador will have a total area of 217,000 m², 800 m of linear quay and a total handling capacity of 924,000 TEU per annum.

To access the Tecon Salvador’s website, click here.


Founded in 1999, Brasco is one of the largest private port terminals devoted to upstream support of the oil and gas industry in Brazil. Its two units, in Niterói and Rio de Janeiro, are strategically located within Guanabara Bay, and have the capacity to support activities in the Campos and Santos petroleum basins.

In addition, Brasco has the experience and qualified personnel for the establishment of bases throughout Brazil and South America ́s coastline, having already operated in São Luís (Maranhão), Belém (Pará), Salvador (Bahia), Fortaleza (Ceará) and Vitória (Espírito Santo).

Brasco ́s operations include storage and handling of supplies for maritime platforms, including parts, equipment, drilling mud, cement, chemical products, food and water. In addition, the oil and gas support bases receive, process, separate and dispose of residues from oil and gas platforms through residue collection centres.

To access the Brasco’s website, click here.

Wilson Sons Logistics

Wilson Sons Logistics has its business model based on the development of integrated logistics solutions for each client segment. The Company is active in the areas of bonded and general warehousing, stock management, distribution, transport management, and foreign trade solutions.

Wilson Sons Logistics manages EADI Santo André, the largest dry port in São Paulo, operating fully integrated with a logistics centre also located in Santo André (SP), in addition to road transport services. EADI Suape is also integrated with a logistics centre and offers transport services.

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Maritime Services

This segment consists of Wilson Sons towage fleet, the shipyards and shipping agency services. Also part of the maritime services is our 50% joint venture, Wilson Sons Ultratug Offshore (WSUT), offering offshore support vessels to the oil and gas industry.

Wilson Sons Towage

Wilson Sons Towage has the largest and most modern fleet of tugboats in Brazil. Over 90% of the fleet have azimuth propulsion with superior manoeuvrability, safety and speed of operations. Wilson Sons Towage is the market leader in the segment of harbour manoeuvres in Brazil and is active in port and ocean towage services.

The company has 74 tugboats and the construction of new tugboats is part of the strategy to increase and renovate the fleet to serve Brazil’s growth in trade flow. In addition to towing services, the business offers special operations, including salvage, fire-fighting, ocean towage, support to the construction of platforms and FPSOs (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading Vessels).

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Wilson Sons Shipyards

Located in the Port of Santos (SP), the combined 39,000 square metres shipyard complex is designed for the construction, maintenance and repair of small and medium-sized vessels mainly used for offshore and harbour support. The shipyards are strategically located close to the Santos (SP) and Campos (RJ) petroleum basins, two of Brazil’s most important.

With the conclusion of the Guarujá II expansion works, in April 2013, the capacity more than doubled from 4,500 tons of steel processing per year to 10,000 tons per year. The shipyards current orderbook consist of two tugboats for Wilson Sons and two tugs for third parties, as well as dry-docking services for both the Wilson Sons towage fleet and Wilson Sons Ultratug Offshore support vessel fleet.

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Wilson Sons Ultratug Offshore Vessel (Joint Venture – 50%)

Wilson Sons Ultratug Offshore (WSUT) has one of the largest and most modern fleets of Brazilian flag offshore support vessels. The WSUT vessels provide maritime support to oil and gas platforms for exploration, development and production. The main activity of the vessels is logistics and supply of equipment and other products such as drilling mud, pipes, food, cement, residues, and other materials between support bases and offshore platforms.

In 2017, WSUT was awarded new contracts with Petrobras for three vessels, one of which will provide platform support and oil spill recovery services, and the other two vessels provide shallow-water diving support services.

To access the Wilson Sons Ultratug Offshore Vessel Joint Venture’s website, click here.

Wilson Sons Agency

Wilson Sons Agency began operations in 1837 as the Company’s first business. It is one of the largest independent shipping agencies in the country, operating in Brazil’s main ports. It provides services and commercial representation for shipowners and has exclusive representatives in Europe and the U.S. in addition to its own office in Shanghai, China.

Shipping Agency manages equipment logistics, boarding documents and the scheduling of regular (liner) and non-regular (tramp) ships. Its expertise extends to preparing documents related to sea transport, logistical management of containers and demurrage (time required for container return) control.

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