The Board of Directors approved a new Dividend Policy of an amount of approximately 50% of the Company’s Net Profit, provided that:

1. the dividend policy will not compromise the policy for growth of the Company whether it be, through acquisition of other companies, or by reason of development of new business; and

2. the Board of Directors considers that the payment of such dividend would be in the interests of the Company and in compliance with the laws to which the Company is subject.

The chart below shows the dividend distributions approved by the Company’s Board of Directors in recent years (in US$ million):

In 2020 the Board of Directors approved the distribution of US$38.6 million based on the 2019 results, being: (i) US$0.21 per issued share, totalling approximately US$15.0 million considering 71,561,060 shares outstanding on 25 March 2020 and (ii) US$0.33 per issued share, totalling approximately US$23.6 million considering 71,596,110 shares outstanding on 15 September 2020.